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Dental Implant Impression Technique

This tutorial is for the MICRO-LOK DENTAL IMPLANT and transfers the position of the implant hex platform for single crown construction or can be used for multiple unit restorations when non-hexed abutments are selected. All abutments can be restored from impressions taken with this technique.

(Note: If FIXED ABUTMENTS are selected (page 28 in product catalog) then another impression technique is suggested using Impression pin # 1405 (3.45 mm platform) or # 2405 (4.0 mm platform) or # 5405 (5.0 mm platform)

Step 1- Remove Healing Abutment- counterclockwise with HEX TOOL Inspect the implant platform for tissue or debris.

implant 1 implant 2

Step 2- Place HEX TRANSFER COPING (#2340 with 12 mm impression coping screw for 4.0 mm Platform)

Hex Transfer Coping
#1430 for 3.45 mm
#2430 for 4.00 mm
#5430 for 5.00 mm

Step 3- Take a radiograph to confirm fit of components

Step 4- Create Tray- use stock plastic tray with hole drilled over implant site to allow for hex transfer pin to protrude through tray. You can also create custom tray if you prefer.

Step 5-Take impression of HEX TRANSFER COPING with impression material of choice. Note: place inch of narrow straw over transfer coping screw to extent further through impression tray or clear away excess impression material so that screw can be removed easily after impression has set.

Step 6- After removing transfer coping screw, remove impression tray from mouth (the hex transfer coping will remain in impression material)

Step 7- Send to lab with 12 mm coping screw, implant analog and provide or suggest type of abutment. Don't forget to tell lab that implant is MICRO-LOK implant and also provide platform size (3.45 mm, 4.0 mm or 5.0 mm)

Step 8- Put back Healing Abutment.

Technical Notes:

The fit of components of MICRO-LOK IMPLANTS is so precise that it is important that the dental laboratory use MICRO-LOK ABUTMENTS.

The best fit of components is achieved by using a machined abutment with the metal fit to the implant rather than the plastic lexan abutment.

A very precise fit helps to prevent abutment loosening and no micro-gap, which can harbor bacteria and create inflammation and possible bone loss.

Abutment selection should be based on:

  • Prosthetic restoration planned
  • Screw retained or cemented restorations
  • Tissue height around the implant
  • Angulation of the implant relative to the planned restoration
  • Esthetic requirements
Created by Cary A. Shapoff D.D.S. 1999


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